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Have you been looking for just the right person to support you to move forward?

do you want to start feeling good from the inside out?

do you want to shake off the stuck feelings & figure out again and again who you truly are and what you're capable of in every area of your life?

are you ready for fresh changes & new insight, stress relief & fun?

I want to share my approach with you ...hopefully it will inspire you forward!

get a look at what i’m about here to get a feel if working with me is right for you: 

— LM

This is my specialty which taps into the holistic and multi-dimensional version of the TRUE you!!!

Whether we are focusing on your physical, emotional or spiritual self, I am passionate about creating just for you: unique sessions, products, tools, packages and events that support you to discover more (and all) of who you are, inviting you to rise up to your potential and agility in every area of your life. That's what I call true FEEL GOOD and goes way beyond our size & body! My FEEL GOOD FREEDOM THERAPY tackles every angle of living...and it includes the components of functionality, feelings, fuel and fun. 

I work with you one on one, in person, or online & please inquire about my current FEEL GOOD FREEDOM JOURNEY ONLINE PROGRAM to give you the support that gets you changing habits, retraining your brain and taking action!!!

I will offer you specific or combinations of approaches to get you where you want to go!

We are going to work with improving your FUNCTION to achieve+maintain your physical movement & alignment to increase CONFIDENCE+STRENGTH & HEALTH, and help you to understand & use the incredible wisdom your body provides you in aligning your choices+actions with your values+desires.  I call this BODY TALK! I will also teach you how you can show up better in your RELATIONSHIPS to improve how you function in relation to other people in your work and personal life. This will support you to build connection & support you to up level how you function in the world!

With your FEELINGS to understand the true value of working with your feelings in everyday life, propelling you forward into new levels of connection and support to live in solid and confident ways. This work teaches you the powerful gift of awareness, insight and clarity!

With having FUN, to attend lighthearted sessions+courses+retreats to get you playing, laughing, exploring & adventuring both your inner+outer landscapes. Time to shake off the stuck in a rut feeling, and get moving!

Freedom in every area of my life whether it be functional, feelings or how I fuel up...supports me towards health+happiness+personal success!
— lm

It is invaluable to be in the company of someone who cares about you, commits to confidentiality, is fully qualified and educated, and has an understanding of the current holistic model of Wellness & Self. Add to this the tool of intuited abilities and 20 plus years experience in personal self development and look out, you are in good hands. 

Hint hint...that’s me

The little signs all around me lead me to big miracles: SYNCHRONICITY
— LM


My personal and professional philosophy are the same:

When we are struggling in an area of our lives, it is not a failing on our part, it is a lack of support in the field around us and possibly also an unconscious glitch in our system of self support.

This can be easily rectified through the profound gift of clarity. And lucky you, this is my specialty. What makes me different from other Practitioners? Not much perhaps. I'm a real life everyday individual. Despite growing up in a loving family, with parents who always told me to do what makes me happy...I got stuck in unhealthy, addictive behaviors, existing in a state of helplessness and hopelessness & living the opposite to my core values of empowerment, authenticity & happiness. I was stuck!!!! I finally pulled my shit together & started studying the Holistic Model of Health to get me on track and turn my bad habits into great ones. I turned towards a healthy diet, began moving my body daily & spent a lot of time focused on how I felt inside. I started to feel great as I began to understand who I truly was. 

LIFE is going to throw us curve balls...so lets arm ourselves with the biggest bat we can find: RESILIENCE
— lm
I am clear on my WHY so that I can figure out my HOW.
— lm

Then I had a rowing accident in 2000 & experienced acute and chronic lower back pain, sciatica & nerve pain daily for the next 10 years.  I was in so much pain I struggled to walk upright, sit still for long periods and even sleep at night. I tried everything, but tests showed there was nothing wrong with me physically.  Yet I was in incredible pain all the time.  So I focused on gaining my qualifications in psychotherapy, remedial massage & wellness coaching.

I learned to understand the connection between our emotional and physical bodies & how our belief systems & head space play a big role in how we feel physically in the hopes that I could play a role in facilitating my own healing. It blows my mind to say that I've been pain free for the last 8 years & now I have a passion for sharing what I've learned & the role self care & self awareness plays in our health & wellness journey. 

Since then, I've transformed my life and now I live a life with freedom, inspired action & the ability to create a life that is fully aligned with my personal values. I still have good days & bad but I’ve learned how to live on my terms & have built my life from the ground up. I want to work with you so that you can learn how to do the same on your terms! THIS WORK IS ALL ABOUT UNLOCKING WHO YOU ARE!

Isn’t it time you get to be WHO you truly are?
— lm
Every great change begins with one small action.
— lm

I continue to anchor my sessions from a place of education supported by my intuition & personal experience. I can show you how you are the expert on you, and how you can take steps to live the best version of you, for your highest good.

Please take a look around my site, check out my blog and Insta and FB feeds to get a feel for my flavor. And if your heart starts pumping and you feel yourself resonating with me, subscribe to my FEEL GOOD FREEDOM JOURNAL so I can get to know you (I love when you write me back!) & I can share what I’m learning with you!! And don’t be shy...book in with me!!! 

Let’s do this! Nothing changes in our lives without the addition of support. Let me offer you mine.

Go on...I triple dare you!

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Leanna xx

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