How to move from fight to flow...

Oh my gaaawd…this topic is right on target for me personally so lets see what I come up with in this BLOG post…If you are anything like me (god help you!) you may be doing some soulful thinking about what it is you REALLY WANT.

This can actually be a tricky exercise because what you want may not be literally possible, or if it is possible, there are consequences, or others that may be impacted by you choosing what you want. The trick is to start from what I call ground zero…

Imagine what your perfect ideal life would look like right now. Think big, think juicy, think peaceful, happy and joyful…what does that entail for you at this time in your life?

What we want changes as the circumstances of our lives change and as we grow older and change too. What was a priority for you a year ago may have dropped off your radar now to make space for something new.

I live true and listen to my own heart, letting it lead the way: GUIDANCE
— LM

A ‘check-in’ isn’t just something you do when staying in a resort…it is a vital part of how you can do your best to stay on course with what you really value. The little things can actually be the big things. It doesn’t have to be all glitz and glamour. But having some fun and letting your imagination run wild can be a great way to really connect with where you’re at these days.

From there, you can break down your big ideas and desires into bite sized manageable pieces.

Connecting in with WHO you are and WHERE your at, is never a waste of time. I promise.

From small ideas, big things can bloom.

I spent some time thinking about my own list of desires, and came to the conclusion that for now, all I need to get back in flow instead of fighting the current of my life, is a long weekend away with my fam. Meeting the undercurrent of my needs is ultimate self care.

Grab onto the little things that bring you happiness, with gusto! They will be the building blocks of your life while you work on striving for the big things.

Leanna xxxx

Leanna McNeil