Beginnings, baby steps & bite sized pieces...

My personal and professional philosophy are the same:

When we are struggling in an area of our lives, it is not a failing on our part, it is a lack of support in the field around us and possibly also an unconscious glitch in our system of self support.

This can be easily rectified through the profound gift of clarity. I'm a real life everyday individual lucky enough to have explored my inner terrain long enough to have learned a thing or too…changing starts with a beginning, is fraught with challenges, can feel like utter crap and can take a lot of effort. I know this first hand.

Despite growing up in a loving family, with parents who always told me to do what makes me happy...I got stuck in unhealthy, addictive behaviors, existing in a state of helplessness and hopelessness & living the opposite to my core values of empowerment, authenticity & happiness. I was stuck!!!! After a few years of doing the same thing over and over, I landed in a heap, defeated, curbside in my rock bottom.

I DECIDED to get my shit together & asked myself what I felt would be the best support to do that (get clean, get healthy). I listened to my answers then I asked myself what support I would need to get me started (break away from the scene I was in, and get the drugs out of my system). And so I started with going cold turkey off the drugs that had taken over my life; I dumped my boyfriend and ditched all of my party friends (ALL of my friends at that time as I was fully submerged in a party culture); moved back in with my parents and slept for four solid weeks, only getting up to eat and go to the toilet. Then once I felt a bit better, I started a vegetarian diet and began daily movement. My first couple days were walks down our country road, with our families border collie Suzie at my side, in the snow. A few days later, I began a slow jog, in the snow with Suzie. She loved it more than I did!

It was a hard slog after mis-treating my body for so many years. Then a few days became a few weeks and a few steps became a few kilometers. Then I started next leveling my life in even more ways as I began studying the Holistic Model of Health to get me on track on the inside and to help me as I continued on the path of turning my bad habits into great ones. I continued experimenting with new foods and kept moving my body daily & spent a lot of time focused on how I felt inside. I started journaling and reading heaps of self help books from the library. I started listening to people speak that seems to ooze being comfortable in themselves. I started to ask myself more and more…what excites me? I read up on feng shui and painted my room deep cobalt blue (sorry mum!) and asked for an indoor water fountain for Christmas and put it in the ‘money’ corner of my bedroom because I loved listening to the running water. I had to top that bloody thing up daily because our ducted air conditioning system kept drying it out and it was more pain than a house plant but I loved how it made me feel! Totally worth it! LOL

I started to feel great as I began to understand what I wanted to feel good. The little things and the big things. As time ticked on, I really found a sense of peace and joy in taking the time out to do the things that helped me feel good and my daily runs with Suzie supported me forward for the following years. Ps. I’ve never done drugs since and am totally free of the need for alcohol or drugs of any kind. FEEL GOOD FREEDOM at its best. Grateful.

“LIFE is going to throw us curve lets arm ourselves with the biggest bat we can find: RESILIENCE”
— LM

Then I had a rowing accident in 2000 & experienced acute and chronic lower back pain, sciatica & nerve pain daily for the next 10 years.  I was in so much pain I struggled to walk upright, sit still for long periods and even sleep at night. I tried everything, but tests showed there was nothing wrong with me physically.  Yet I was in incredible pain all the time. 

So I focused on deciding what I wanted and asked myself what did i feel would be the biggest support to me. That self reflection saw me gaining my qualifications in psychotherapy, remedial massage & wellness coaching.

I learned to understand the connection between our emotional and physical bodies & how our belief systems & head space play a big role in how we feel physically in the hopes that I could play a role in facilitating my own healing. It blows my mind to say that I've been pain free for the last 8 years & now I have a passion for sharing what I've learned & the role self care & self awareness plays in our health & wellness journey. 

Starting on a new path isn’t easy, the beginnings are often the hardest. When a confidence and self belief is challenged and all we can travel on is the fuel of our desire for more. Getting really close to the specifics of what I want a change for is always the big starting point and one I use time and time again. What is one thing you want for yourself and have yet to action towards it? What is the support you require to make your starter steps?

Love and Laughter

Leanna xxx

I get clear on my WHY so that I can figure out my HOW.
— LM
Leanna McNeil