An upside down FOCUS on FOOD...

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before…It’s not about the food, its not about the weight. Have you ever wondered what that means?

Focusing on our food consumption as though it is the PROBLEM can sometimes miss a deeper truth…your acquired habits are all about managing your experience. On some level, they are your attempt at gaining support. But too often, these acquired habits lead us to excessive choices where we can lose touch with our health and well being. Food in and of itself is neutral…it’s how we get stuck in USING it that holds the key to positive change. Food is not our enemy, it is our fuel.


In my FEEL GOOD FREEDOM THERAPY I teach you how to find out whats going on below the surface so that you can start to make your unconscious choices, needs and triggers conscious. It is basically like breaking down the equation so that we can pull what you are doing apart into clear and concise pieces and then choose to fit them back together in a new way that sees you leaning less on acquired habits, and more on having your own back so that you don’t need food as your best friend…you are able to get your needs met, understand how to stratgise what goes wrong and throws you off kilter, so that you can get yourself back to feeling good faster.

If you spend less time focusing on the food you eat and more time figuring out what makes you unhappy, stressed and tired that LEADS you to the food your eating…you flip the focus to where you can really make deep and affirmative change. Change directed from the inside out from the person who really matters the most-YOU!!!

Change your experience and your eating habits will change organically too.
— LM

The more I can get creative and empowered to make my needs a priority…to say no when I need to say no; to stop working when I need to stop; to choose what feels right for me, without needing someones else’s permission but my own; to connect with my gut and let my feelings lead the way, even if that goes against what someone else wants me to do or BE…perhaps that is the biggest ingredient in my recipe for taking care of myself? And from that place, better choices, more FEEL GOOD and my own personal wisdom can flow…Perhaps it was never about the food and always about me needing to be more of who I always have been.

Feeling comfortable in our own skin & peaceful in how we show up in this world is the real empowering journey, not so much analysing everything we put in our mouths. A sense of freedom arises as we embrace our truth & take a closer look at our fears so that we can create new strategies for moving forward stronger & more confidently as our True Selves. Let’s do this, we’re worth it!

Dive into the depth of WHO YOU ARE…& play in the waters of your soulful self! You’re worth discovering!

Leanna xxx

Leanna McNeil