Beginnings are terribly unglamorous...

It all starts with a vision doesn’t it? You catch yourself looking out the window and thinking “I really want to do this.” You feel a pull from somewhere inside you that says, nay, demands that you put yourself out there and START!

No matter what form of self expression this entails, there is excitement, possibilities and the hope of feel good success and achievement. I just wish it wasn’t so damn messy, sweaty, challenging and such HARD WORK…

I co-own a wellness centre and have some businesses that I can say I am proud of the service they provide to others…but this stage of development took years…yet my career began in the trenches with no funds and not a lot of experience. Recently graduated from my Massage Therapy studies, I convinced my man to support me to outfit our granny flat and turn it into a massage studio. We lived in a tiny fisherman’s cottage at the time, and that granny flat was priceless livable square footage so it was a big ask. For the first two years I was lucky to have one client every few weeks which was miles away from my goal of 10 clients per week.

Then I decided to put myself out there even more and I contacted a surf club on a busy local beach and asked if I could use their land to offer seated beach massage if I gave them a cut of my takings. I didn’t get one single client. The surf club told me I was no longer able to use their space.

Then I decided to try massaging at markets…I put so much money and effort into buying a gazebo and trying to make the space look and feel inviting. It was a two hour job to set everything up and once again, my man supported me by coming along and helping me with it all. After doing about 5 markets and only getting one client, I threw that in. I felt like giving up.



Incredible journeys begin with just one small, simple and nothing special STEP...
— LM

I kept plodding along, stayed consistent with my goals and focused on trying anything I could to expand my business. Then one day a girlfriend and colleague told me I should massage where she worked at a local health center. Her simple words of encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to contact the owner of the center and sweet talk my way in.

That was a big boost for me…I was now getting one or two clients a week. Two felt like a lot more than zero! But it was still so far away from my goal of ten. I was feeling disheartened yet I stayed focused on my passion for my work, and my belief in myself and the service I was providing my clients.

Then luck intervened and things fell into place…three besties were looking to rent space in a center, our rent was going up, so divine intervention saw us decide within 24 hours to sign a 5 year lease and outfit an empty space to build our center.

I literally poo’d my pants for the next 6 months as fears of failure and epic financial loss haunted my every waking hour. Needless to say, the build up to where I find myself now was gradual, fraught with challenges, hard work, commitment and follow through. And a dash of luck thrown in!

So if you decide to start that thing that you keep dreaming of and it feels messy and disheartening, SO IT SHOULD!!! You are finding your groove, step by step and eventually you will look back and laugh and say, boy that was hard…but totally worth it. Hell yeah! You go baby! You got this! I promise.

I kept showing up until one day, finally, I seized an opportunity that was too good to be true.
— LM
Leanna McNeil