Emotional Empowerment Session

Do you know you have more to offer? Do you want to fulfill an even more expanded version of YOU? Are you feeling stuck yet wanting to move forward?

This session is one hour and an investment of $120 and is available in person and as a Distance Session from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

An Emotional Empowerment Signature Session with me will focus on bringing you clarity to an existing theme of your choice, that you would like to understand better.  The possibilities with this work are endless and I will support you in facilitating some movement forward in the direction of your dreams while increasing your feel good fitness in every area of your life. Here are a few themes to get you thinking:

  • Move through addictive and unhealthy behaviors in any area of your life that isn't lining up with your desires or values.

  • Recognise clearly what you truly desire for yourself on a deeper level, leaning into the deeper parts of your unique self.

  • Review how you define success and shift your focus inwards to what truly makes you happy.

  • Review how you self care, and understand specific ways to update this part of you that is an authentic match to who you truly are, not who you think you should be.

  • Reboot your intuition and connection to your Higher Self, and understand the true essence of this unique part of you in everyday life.

  • Realise dilemmas you may be experiencing around self empowerment and create personal strategies to move forward directly created from your solar plexis.

  • Examine your confidence and improve it by creating tools and clarity to support this change from the inside out, as directed by your true self.

  • Understand what stops you from being kind and gentle with yourself to support you to operate in a new, peaceful and joyful way.

  • Become aware of old beliefs that no longer serve you that have been hidden in your subconcious self, sabotaging your best intentions for change and growth.

  • Get really clear on the personal core value system that you were born with, and create shifts required to align yourself with your truth.

  • Get in touch with your playful side and how pleasure and fun might be calling you to make specific changes in your existing life.

  • Start to recognise your critical voice and create some positive shifts around doing things with more freedom,and in a way that feels good from the inside out.

Health rebates are not available for this session.

Everyone needs the right environment to grow.
— L.M.
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If you dream it, you will see it.
— L.M.