Have you tried different practitioners and yet something is missing?  Do you want more, something really life changing, but don't know where to start?

I think I've got what you're looking for! This session is one hour and is an investment of $120 and is available in person and as a Distance Session, from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

This session is a Physical+Emotional+Spiritual Session all in one!!!

In a BodyMind Intuitive Session we will focus on enlivening a deeper connection to your body from the inside out. I will incorporate remedial bodywork, psychotherapy, energetic and intuitive tools as needed to support your body to express the intelligence to heal itself, while helping improve your health & happiness and combined to facilitate any number of incredible changes for you. The magic held in these sessions is a truly unique experience for the soulful spirit and can facilitate the following: 

  • Facilitate trauma and fascia release.

  • Understand the truth of your need for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food and any manner of addictive behavior.

  • Understand your emotional connection to specific physical pain and tension symptoms & responses previously misunderstood.

  • Clear trapped beliefs held in your body & learn how to heal your body.

  • Regain the emotional information your body is providing you to judge how best to act.

  • Connect to your bodies incredible and profound wisdom.

  • Discover what your body needs from you to support it in the here and now.

  • Create a dialogue with your body so that you may understand how it is choosing to support you, vs believing it is against you.

  • Connect with the energy of your body to promote self support and self love from the inside out.

  • Begin to embody the body as thy self and it’s true role in living as our empowered selves.

  • Discover your specific opportunities for living in a new way, as directed by your bodies wisdom.

  • Rewire and realign your self within your body, understanding anew it’s role of internal communication and sacred direction it offers you.

  • Establish a relationship with the split off parts of you needing support and care & move forward in an empowered state of embodiment.

  • Heal childhood wounds, accidents & trauma.

  • Recreate new beliefs and programs propelling you forward into action aligned with your desires and highest good.

Health fund rebates are not available for this service.

Our bodies are the sacred vessels for our souls...wise, gentle and connected to all things.
— L.M.