Woohoo! You found me. I’m so excited!

Let me tell you a little about me so you that you can get a feel if working with me is right for you. 

I am passionate about creating simple sacred spaces for you to discover more (and all) of who you are. This may sound cheesy, and heck, it really sums up my intention for the work I’m doing.  

It is invaluable to be in the company of someone who cares about you, commits to confidentiality, is good at what they do, is fully qualified and educated, and has an understanding of the holistic model of Wellness & Self. Add to this the extraordinary tool of intuited abilities and 20 plus years experience in personal self development and look out, you are in good hands.  (Hint hint...that’s me)

I am a qualified Psychotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Wellness Coach, BodyMind Intuitive, Event & Retreat Facilitator and all around appreciator of authentic living. 

My personal and professional philosophy are the same: When we are struggling in an area of our lives, it is not a failing on our part, it is a lack of support in the field around us and possibly also an unconscious glitch in our system of self. This can be easily rectified through the profound gift of clarity. And lucky you, this is my specialty. 

Please take a look around my site, check out my blog and Insta and FB feeds to get a feel for my flavour. And if your heart starts pumping and you feel yourself resonating with me, then don’t be shy...book in with me!!! 

Whether one of my packages or events sing to you, or you simply want to come in for an initial session to try me on for size, please do. Let’s do this! Nothing changes in our lives without the addition of support. Let me offer you mine.

Go on...I triple dare you!