Everybody needs somebody sometimes

Despite what you’ve been taught…we are not meant to do it alone & if you keep trying you will move further & further away from what you need & want. The key isn’t getting support, it’s in finding the right kind of support for you.

Someone that will collaborate with you, teach you new models of internal systems so that you can understand why you have been feeling, thinking & doing the things that keep you stuck & help you discover your internal wisdom to make new choices that will support powerful change in your life.

A Holistic Therapy session is one hour and is an investment of $120 plus GST and is offered in person at my beautiful center SANA WELLNESS and as a Distance Session from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Psychotherapy can get a bad rap…that it’s all doom and gloom and rehashing past traumas and crappy feelings. Not true! I was able to up level my life once I learned all about how to go deeper within myself, and how to create healthier relationships once I learned how to navigate from this space. I wish we were taught in school what I feel privileged to have studied since. Spending time in service of yourself, getting to talk and be seen and heard in a non judge-mental space can actually make you feel so MUCH LIGHTER inside and out. Sure, we unpack our wounds or take a closer look at how we keep choosing the messy road, but this is in service of EMPOWERING yourself to make better choices, to understand what you really want and to update outdated programs that stop you from moving forward. It can be the most rewarding experience you will have. Psychotherapy provides you with a goal-directed conversation in the service of change, that rises from the present moment. 

These sessions can support you into clarity in unlimited possibilities. They may support you to understand what you are afraid of embracing for yourself & reveal why you keep sabotaging yourself or perhaps you need tools to move through your anxiety, fears or pain. No matter if you are bringing feelings of grief, low self worth or any other aspect of the human experience, the focus of these sessions are always to create curiosity about who you truly are, and to invite you to uncover the unconscious programming you inherited in childhood so that you can decide for yourself if that is what will serve you moving forward towards what it is that you desire for yourself. 

Your past is history and your future belongs to you.

Whether you are feeling stuck and in a personal tug of war in an area of your life or actually feel fantastic and want to build on that space...you will gain knowledge and clarity about yourself in session, and how you are in the world. Without self awareness our thoughts, actions and feelings are controlled by unconscious beliefs, assumptions and instincts. Step away from doing the same thing you’ve always done and begin doing it differently. Let the adventure begin!

Being seen as you truly are makes everything else possible.
Learn to be as steady as the ground you walk on and shine as brightly as the rising sun.
— L.M.