My hands contain magic I do not fully understand...lovingly powerful & connected to the source all things.
— L.M.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Are you feeling stressed out, sore and tired all over? Or do you have a pain that just keeps bothering you? Are you tired of putting up with it?

This session is one hour and is an investment of $100 plus GST.

My massage feels like heaven on earth! Just saying! And it can help you with all of the above! Yay!

Enter my center, Sana Wellness, and you will immediately feel yourself relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Jump onto my table & let the dim lighting, the soft music and the subtle essential oils burning take you away from the stresses of your everyday life. It's time for some self care!

My personal style of Remedial Massage Therapy is a deep tissue therapy in which I track the pattern of your body and discover the pain pockets you are carrying. Using the deep sensitivity in my hands, I am able to map your body & detect the subtle (and not so subtle) places of tension that you are presenting each session. I have worked on thousands of bodies over the years,and have unlocked my unique abilities as a 'tissue technician.' 

Caring and strong, with powerful hands releasing stuck tension, stress and pain…using my signature style, you will feel your physical tensions and your emotional stresses fall away as I send you into a deep place of rest and renewal. A perfect blend!!! Best of all, I am covered by most Health Fund providers and bulk billing is available.

I am really passionate about combining multiple modalities within my Remedial Massage sessions to provide you with a completely customized treatment to suit your bodies specific needs. I will assess you and then offer my suggestions on the remedial bodywork treatment options that I feel will best suit your specific needs. You are unique and therefore you deserve a unique treatment! I will work with what you are comfortable with and we will work together as a team to create a session that will be meaningful and enjoyable!!! Some of the modalities I may invite you to try are…

Modern Cupping Therapy

It’s time to try something awesome honey!!!

Cupping therapy is one of my favorite modalities that adds another healing dimension to a massage session, or used all on its own!

I love using these incredible silicone cupping vessels to restore discordant fascia in the body. Cupping utilizes vacuum for therapeutic purposes & I find it works magic when dealing with soft tissue syndromes & myofascial problems. In plain language, they totally rock! They are a wonderful option for specific stuck spots used within my Signature Style Deep Tissue Massage.

I don't travel anywhere without bringing a set of these cups with remove my tension, discomfort & fluid retention while flying, to clear up any headaches & to remove any aches and pains I might have after a work out while on the road. I love them!

I've had clients time and time again express their shock with the difference they feel in a matter of minutes on specific pain points. Often these painful spots have been bothering them on and off for years and after one cupping session, they feel ease of movement and the pain is gone. Woohoo! Success! Very exciting stuff! Cups demonstrate the difference felt in your body right away. 

Scraping Massage (Gua Sha)

This ones intense & worth its weight in gold!

Scraping is another powerful tool! Combined with my signature Deep Tissue Massage & Modern Cupping, or used all on its own, depending on what you’re after, this modality sees me using metal, crystal and resin tools in a scraping motion on the surface of your body to improve circulation & reduce your tension & pain. This is a traditional Chinese medical treatment & I have managed to free up movement & increase my clients range of motion while decreasing pain levels and congestion. 

I love this modality and have seen incredible results in my clients and on my own body, in very short periods of time! I have found success in reducing the appearance of a 'dowagers hump' for example, in one session-powerful stuff!

Some clients feel scraping is a welcome relief to their bodies & enjoy the feeling of it, as I do. Other clients feel it is a very intense experience which 'wakes up their body with new energy'. I personally love it for those hard to reach places, for the intensity of the results in such a short time frame and for the ease of movement it frees up straight after a session. Why not try it and decide for yourself!



Come visit me in my gorgeous center

Sana Wellness...

Five years ago three of my besties & I got together & had a crazy idea to create a local center where individuals & families could seek support from holistic health practitioners, attend self development classes, fun & inspirational workshops, birthing classes and even buy local art & ceramics, crystals & special gifts.  With a lot of support from our families, friends and clients, our dream became a reality. I am incredibly honored and humbled to be in our 5th year! If you can, book a session and come relax, take a deep breath and feel supported. Or just pop in & say hi!